We've all been a witness to it, and we've all done the same thing.  A post pops up on our feed showing the abuse, torture, or complete senseless murder of a dog. We cringe and look away, trying to swipe blindly so we don't have to witness this anymore...  We find something that makes us smile, makes us forget, and we continue on with our lives.
I did this too.  I did this for many years, and every time I saw it again I would recoil and run away from the image.  Run away from the screams of pain.  I would say "how can someone do this!?  Why is no one helping?!"  And once again, that would be it and I would go about living my life.  
Then all of a sudden I began to stop looking away and instead I opened my eyes to every image that could be viewed.  I listened to every sound that was screamed.  And I cried, and I still cry.  Each and every time I see a new post pop up, but now I choose to do something.  Now I move forward TOWARDS helping those defenseless souls.  I decided that I don't want to just give a few bucks here and their to some charity.  I didn't want to repost about this horror and pat myself on the back as if I made a difference.  No, I want to be able to go to these places and literally SAVE these dogs.
This is what Dapper Dogs is about.  Yes we sell apparel, and yes we want to make profit to support ourselves as well as our families.  What person or company doesn't want that?  
But unlike a lot of other companies or employees. We don't care about the nice clothes, the fancy cars, the swag in your step that tells everyone that YOU are someone successful.  No.  We don't give a shit about that.  
What we care about is using that fancy clothes money to adopt dogs from high kill shelters.
We care about using the fancy car money to keep them well fed every day.  To make sure they're warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  To keep them healthy and happy for as long as they remain on this Earth.
We care about having some pep in our step knowing that these animals who would more than likely be dead without us, are now crying for our attention and love and we are rushing over to give it to them!
In my eyes I want Dapper Dogs to be two things:  
1) A company that creates quality products for dog lovers everywhere.
2) To be a PROTECTOR of dogs everywhere that have been thrown away, mistreated, and made to feel as if they are a mistake in this world when in reality they are the most beautiful thing on it.
Every dollar we make brings us a step closer to accomplishing this dream.  This will not be a quick fix, nor will it be easy.  But my passion and my belief in what we are meant to accomplish is stronger than anything I have ever felt.  It is customers and supporters such as yourself that make this journey not seem as heavy as it did in the past.  I hope you continue to support Dapper Dogs, so you can watch all this come to life.