Rescue Ranch NOT a Theme Park

Just got off the phone with the admissions counselor for the Animal Behavior College and I am all ready to begin on this road to building my skills and knowledge on not only training dogs, but assessing their overall state to better determine how to help find families that are best suited for them.  I'll be receiving my course material in a couple of weeks. The average time to graduation is about about 1 year, but I'm optimistic that I can finish earlier as long as I put the time in.

This is exciting! I am extremely happy to broaden my knowledge with dogs as I move forward with Dapper Dogs and the Rescue Ranch. In fact I am already thinking of something MUCH bigger that will only add value and help with the company and Ranch. I'll fill you in as time goes by, but it's going to have an incredible amount of significance in what I am trying to create and accomplish.

The one thing I want people to know is just how serious I take this.  I know it can be easy to get lost in the posts I make trying my best to show humor as well as the love I have for my family.  But when it comes to this company and the foundation we are trying to build, it is extremely serious.  I cannot just take in dogs and expect them to be adoptable to a family right off the bat.  As I said previously, I am 100% in saving ALL dogs and that means some or most will have some emotional scarring from their past.  This can manifest into being scared around humans or even aggressive.  My goal is to attain the skills needed in order to help these souls and show them that love is real and that they deserve to be showered in it.  I plan on writing blogs much more often to talk about everything I have going on as well as give you insight to what I am learning in hopes it can help others!
I hope you continue to stick around and support my dream.  It is slowly all coming together and YOU are a huge part of this!

Thank you,




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