Well if my schedule wasn't busy enough it's about to get busier 😲
I'm enrolling myself into a very extensive dog behavioral and obedience certification course. Why?
Well one of the goals for the future Rescue Ranch is to not only save dogs, but also find a loving family that's right for them. I am expecting that quite a few dogs we save will come from an abusive background. Before I can even think about finding a family for them, I have to make sure they are stable enough to be around not only people but also other animals. This task I have ahead of me will require such a large amount of time, effort, passion, and dedication. It's not something I take lightly and like I said before, I want to take you all on this journey. So I hope you stick around as I prepare for the next phase towards the Rescue Ranch and saving some pups!

Oh and for those wondering where I am doing the course, I am attending the Animal Behavior College and it has an average of 52 weeks to complete.

Sidenote: Please check out the new additions to our site!  We have just added some new tank tops and tees so I hope you all enjoy!




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