Finding PURPOSE, takes time
Finding your purpose in life takes time.
One overwhelming thing social media does is help spotlight success.  It shows people what the fruits of hard work and money.  It can motivate and inspire…. But it can also crush dreams and flood minds with doubt.
So often now do I hear people say that they are failures, that they will never be successful or that their dreams are out of reach.  You might say “people say this all the time”, true.  But I am seeing TEENAGERS and kids in the early 20’s say this shit!  THAT is what blows my mind, when I was their age I was just trying to pay the bills and eat noodles so that I could hopefully survive long enough to find my passion lol.
Just a quick rundown of what my jobs, keep in mind that I have been working non-stop since I was 15 and never had a break in jobs, I simply went from one to the next because it paid more and/or was a step towards the direction I needed to go.  Here they are in order, you ready?
  • Caricature Artist at Sea World
  • Sales at American Eagle
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Outside Garden at Lowes 
  • Inside Seasonal at Lowes
  • Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation United States Air Force
  • Club Security
  • Bartender
  • Personal Trainer on military base
  • SELF EMPLOYED: E-Books, Online Training
  • SELF EMPLOYED: Fit Freak Project and Dapper Dogs Apparel
And there you have it, 16years of non-stop working and only NOW at he age of 31 do I truly believe I have found my purpose in Life.  Making things with dogs on them in order to SAVE DOGS.
If you are trying to find your way, it’s okay to get lost.  It adds character, builds strength, and creates confidence.  Failures were never something I wanted, but I damn well endured them so I can learn what not to do the next time.  Don’t be fooled by everyone else’s supposed “success”.  Most out there are only acting successful while feeding you visual bullshit.  The ones that are truly creating something they love don’t flaunt about it.  They share their reasons for doing it, they give you their advice on how to find it.  If all you see is the cars, shoes, and money, than all you will see is failure because you are focused more on the $ and not the PURPOSE.



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